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Variety Of Baby Chicks

Various breeds of chicks, hatched regularly, always available.

Brecon Buff Geese

Originates from Wales the Brecon Beacons. It’s known for its’ pink feet and bill.

Khaki Campbell Drake

This is a domesticated duck that originated in England. The females lay an average of 300 per year.

Silver Campines

This chicken originates from Belgium and are know for laying a medium white egg.

Apricot Call Duck

A small breed of duck, originally bred as a decoy to attract wild ducks.

Bluebell Chicken

The Bluebell is a hybrid bird, lavender in colour. Lays approx 360 brown eggs per year.

Blue Silkies

A small breed known for its fluffy silky feathers, black skin and five toes.

French Black Copper Maran

Pure bred, duel purpose birds. Lays dark brown eggs.

Gold Silkie Chicken

An ornamental chicken, renowned for being broody.

White Call Duck

Pure white call ducks.

Hybrid Chicks

These chicks grow up to lay blue eggs, approximately 300 per year.

Mallard Call Duck

Ornamental call duck. Small breed, bred originally as a decoy duck.

Mandarin Ducks

Originates for East Asia. Known as a perching duck, ornamental breed.

Vorwerk Chickens

A german breed of chicken. They lay white/cream eggs.

Black Rock Chickens

A hybrid breed of chicken. Hardy bird, good egg layer.

Black Silkies Chickens

A small ornamental breed of chicken

White Silkies Chickens

Ornamental breed of chicken.

White Runner Ducklings

Pictured here are white runner ducklings aged from 3 weeks old.

Silver Call Ducks

An ornamental call duck. Male and Female pictured.

Norfolk Black Turkeys

The Norfolk Black is a domesticated turkey, used for breeding and table birds.

Dewlap Toulouse Geese

Originates from the South-West of France. Large grey goose. Good for breeding and egg laying, also a table bird.

Various Breeds of Ducklings

Some of the pure-bred ducklings we have bred here at Lower Holker Farm.

Dewlap Toulouse Goslings

Young Toulouse goslings born here at Lower Holker Farm from our breeding group of Toulouse Geese.

Cheshire Blue Chickens

This chicken is white in colour with the odd black feather. It’s a hybrid chicken and lays approximately 300 blue eggs per year.

Aylesbury Duck

A large pure white duck, good egg layer and table bird, easily managad, make excellent parents to their offspring.

Cayuga Ducks

Ornamental bird. Duel purpose for eggs and meat.

Ebden Geese

A large domestic goose, pure white plumage, with blue eyes, good egg layers and table birds, excellent at guard.

Kharki Campbell Duck

 A medium sized duck, these are prolific egg layers, lay approx. 300 eggs per year in ideal circumstances.


Strong, hardy birds, easy to handle and keep, good egg layers, lay a dark brown egg.


Strong, hardy birds, lays brown eggs, approx 300 per year.


Pure white plumage, hardy, active bird, lays white eggs, approx 300 per year.


Strong, hardy birds, easy to keep, excellent egg layers, lays a brown egg, approx 300 per year.

Light Sussex

Hybrid, friendly, easy to handle, good egg layers, lays a cream to light brown coloured eggs, approx 300 per year.


White Indian Runner Ducks

These ducks stand upright, they do not fly but run. They lay from 150-300 eggs per year.

Nova Brown

Placcid, friendly, easy to handle, prolific egg layers, lay brown eggs, approx. 320 eggs per year.